There’s a lovely individual who is making a video project that promotes self love and they’re welcoming anyone to join and help make this happen. For more information on what to do click here and click on the link titled “my projects”. I think this is a great idea and people should participate and help spread the word! :)

pineappl3: I really need advice! I have quite a big group of friends and one of them recently started to be more quiet and he's always talking about what a 'bad person' he is and everything he did in the past that he regrets and that he can never do anything right so we all tell him to think of the good things in life but he says that there are no good things in his life anymore and I think he's getting depressed and I dont know how to cheer him up anymore :c 

It does sound like he’s getting depressed. Well the best thing you can do for him his show him your support and love. You should sit down with him and ask him what’s got him so down lately, like did something happen to him or did this just come out of nowhere. Let him vent, maybe it’ll help!


we-threw-a-party: I'm 15, and I'm starting at a new school tomorrow (1 day late) and I had my 2nd heart surgery in a month exactly a week ago, I'm terrified to start at a be high school again because I've already done this once, Do you think I should just not go tomorrow? I'm super tired and sore. Or should I face my fears? 

If you physically cannot make it (because of your surgery) I would say it’s okay to wait until you feel better. But if you are only nervous and tired I say push through it. There’s a reason for everything. Perhaps you deserve this new beginning. Things could go spectacularly for you. In time, you could make amazing new memories. But you’ll never know how something will turn out until you try. So I urge you to go to school.


Anonymous: Do you know what would happen If somebody told there therapist that they're suicidal, they've set a date and have what they need to end it? 

When I had my therapist, she said that everything is confidential but if she feels you are a danger to yourself or others she has a right to contact the authorities.


amandaryanbell: today I was walking on Navy Pier in Chicago. with my natural curly hair. if you knew me, you'd know I always have my hair straightened.. I hated my curls. I hated myself. "why can't I be skinny like her?" or the usual "why can't I be her?" now back to Navy Pier. I was walking and suddenly this came into my head. "I'm unique! I have flaws but doesn't everyone? I'm beautiful in my own way!" It's been a few hours, but I'm holding my head higher. i know it's not a question. but just wanted to share 

AW. This is truly great. I’m so happy for you, lovely. The moment you accept who you are and learn to love yourself, the better life will be. I’m very glad that this happened for you, thank you for sharing. Stay beautiful, natural curls and all! :)


Anonymous: Hey, thanks a ton for all you do. I hit my 8 months clean. People like you have helped with that. 

Aw thank you. And we are SO proud of you! :)


Anonymous: I need someone right now to explain to me a reason why I shouldn't hate myself if I gain weight. Explain to me right now why I should feel okay even if I were to put on a couple of pounds. For the love of god please someone explain to me how to love myself even when my arms dont look a certain way in my tank top. Pleeeaseeee. I'm tired of constantly battling myself. I'm sick and tired of it. 

You shouldn’t hate yourself for gaining weight because EVERYONE gains weight. It’s physically impossible to stay one exact number your entire life. Your weight constantly fluctuates and it’s normal. It can be as big as fifteen pounds and as small as a decimal. Don’t be so hard on yourself for just a couple pounds. It’s not even a difference people could see. As for your arms, are you comparing yourself to others? Don’t define beauty based on what others look like. Especially the people in magazines. The people in magazines don’t even look like the people in magazines. You are SO beautiful. I promise. Try to not weigh yourself anymore, you’ll only depress yourself over nothing.


Anonymous: my boyfriend discovered that i cut myself and he stop talking to me ): 

This guy is NOT worth your time then. We all need someone who would try their best to be by your side through everything. He clearly failed to make the cut. Be happy instead that he’s gone, because that means someone better, someone that you deserve, is on the way. Stay strong, beautiful. <3

- Kelly

Anonymous: Thank you for this blog <3 

Oh my gosh, you’re welcome. We love doing it, <3